RopeHandsw120_w80.jpgOrganizations seeking the collaborative spirit of teams without the structural upheavals should consider attacking their existing non-collaborative culture hammer and tongs.

The way to create a collaborative atmosphere or “teaming environment” is neither mysterious nor expensive.  You begin by sending a simple but unmistakable signal through the organization: you stop
rewarding destructive, competitive, one-up behaviors, and you start rewarding group minded behaviors.

Then you examine, as honestly as possible, exactly how your organization actually works. Examine behavior, not executive memos. Do people hoard information, keep it from one another? Do they allow one another to fail, without stepping in to provide assistance or encouragement? Is it an organization in which not just functions are enclosed silos, shut off from others by expertise, but one in which every person is an enclosed silo, shut off from others by fear?

If so, you could benefit from a dose of collaboration.