Business Edge™

What is Business Edge™?

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Business Edge™ is an IFC training system designed to strengthen the management skills of owners, managers and staff of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Business Edge™ was developed in Vietnam and has been successfully deployed in China and the Middle East. With the support of its development partners, IFC plans to bring Business Edge to clients across sub-Saharan Africa.

The key components of Business Edge™:

  • Management Courses

37 management training courses in five topic areas (Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Personal Productivity Skills) with content is adapted to local business environments.

  • Delivery by Certified Business Edge™ trainers

IFC selects, trains and certifies trainers to customize the global Business Edge™ content to meet specific needs, in local languages, and using relevant case studies. Edge Consult is a Business Edge™ accredited training company.

  • Training impact measurement system

To demonstrate the return on training investment, Business Edge™ provides trainers with tools to document, evaluate, and measure the results of the training within a set period, which can include improvements in revenue generation, capital raised, cost and quality control, etc.

  • Quality control by IFC

IFC regularly assesses the trainers to ensure clients are receiving value for money.

  • A Global knowledge network

IFC facilitates the sharing of best practices from projects among staff and Business Edge™ trainers, meaning Business Edge™ clients gain from IFC’s global experience.

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