FYBBL Objective

The idea is to help businesses overcome aspects that hinder performance, profitability and growth as well as to build capacity in sales and customer retention. We will hand hold your teams over the year, define, review and automate your business processes with view to totally improve your business bottom line.
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What is FYBBL Program?

Fix your business bottom line – FYBBL programs is a 1 year partnership between selected Kenyan businesses and the sponsors to build capacity for the selected businesses with a view to improve their performance and hence profitability.

Last year’s program was 100% sponsored by the World Bank. FYBBL 2014 program is partly subsidized, for qualifying organizations. Selected organizations will enjoy 90% subsidy (KSh 2.7M off) on professional services. We have also partnered with a local bank to finance payment of the 10% (KSh 300K) over 12 months, for those that might need it. We really have made it easy for you. For more info contact the secretariat below.


Research and experience show that businesses improve their bottom lines by over 50% if

  1. They defined, executed well and measured strategic objectives.
  2. They mapped, refined and automated business processes.
  3. They build a highly skilled sales team – Top 5 sales people contribute over 90% of sales.
  4. They developed ability to retain, service existing customer base.

Sponsors & Consultants

The program partners are Edge Consult Ltd in association with International Finance Corporation (IFC Business Edge), Source Group Ltd, OutSource Associates Ltd, and CloudERP Ltd.

Organization Role

Source Group ­Ltd


  • Lead partner and program structuring
  • Financial Structuring

Edge Consult ­Ltd


  • Training and HR capacity building.
  • IFC Business edge program Franchisee

international finance corporation (IFC)


  • IFC Business Edge program
FYBBL_outsource Outsource Associates Ltd
  • Business Process Consulting
  • Technology consulting
FYBBL_cloud CloudERP Ltd
  • Enterprise processes automation

Next Steps

Contact Edge to inquire or schedule a session to discuss your training needs with an expert.

Contact Edge

Visit >> www.fybbl.com for more info