Public Speaking & Presentation

According to Human Behavior research, people decide whether they will do business with you in the first 4 Seconds ( The 4 Second Rule). They conclude their assumptions within the first twelve seconds ( The 12 Second Rule)

There is no second chance to make a good first impression and first impressions last forever! In presentation, it pays to get it right the first time and always. Master the fear of Public Speaking and let it work for you not against you.

The two things your message MUST HAVE

  1. The Art of Influence;
  2. Developing credibility even with large crowds.

Upcoming Program


We will conduct a Five-day workshop at the Convent International Guest House in Lavington, Nairobi, Kenya.

Your Investment : KSh 50,000 + VAT = KSh 58,000

Class Option1

(5 Days in A week) – May 30th – June 3rd

Class Option 2 (5 Saturdays over 2 Months)

May 28th, June 11th, June 25th, July 9th & July 30th

Below please find the program outline.

Day 1: Find the Authentic You! Find and Explore your Style.

  • Authenticity – My style
  • Dealing with the Butterflies
  • Speaking from the heart and speaking from the mind
  • How my temperament& personality influence my style
  • Find Style matches

(Video Recording 1 & 2 & Coaching – Introduction and after finding my style)

Day 2: Preparing a Powerful Presentation.

  • Content Creation – Modern strategies
  • Research and Information
  • Balanced Methodologies to keep audience captivated
  • Tools of Delivery

(Video Recording 3 & Coaching – Focus on Content)

Day 3: Effective Delivery

  • Rules of Delivery
  • Plain speaking – moving your point across respectfully
  • Speech – Giving life to it
  • Facilitation guidelines
  • Trainer guidelines

(Video Recording 4 – Effective spoken delivery – Focus on you)

Day 4: My Personal Brand

  • Investing in Voice and Tone
  • Investing in Physiology
  • Investing in Appearance – Image boost (Give your audience NO REASON to say NO)

Dress to be addressed!

  • Handling Questions & Answers
  • Keep your audience engaged

(Video Recording 5 & Coaching – Audience management)

Day 5: The world today, Available opportunities, Capturing your moments as you build an engaging brand!

  • If you can present and communicate, you will thrive!
  • Sign up for Practice Opportunities with Edge Consult – Join our free speaking engagements and train your speaking muscle
  • We will share other organizations that will improve your speaking & communication journey
  • Sit in a live training program
  • Various open doors in the market place – For business persons (Partnering with Edge Consult for speaking engagements)
  • Presenting in the corporate space – The opportunities for HR within an organization

(Video Recording 6 & Coaching – Top it up Freestyle!)

As you graduate, you will carry your recordings and watch the milestones you have made from day one up to the last day. After this, sign up for the next module as will be shared.

Harvard students were seeking wisdom from two of the wealthiest men in the world, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. One student asked Bill Gates, “Being the Richest Man in the world, do you have any regrets in your past? Is there something you wish you could have done better?” Quite interestingly, Bill Gates responded Yes! He had one regret, which he pointed out – “NOT having invested in speaking and communicating at a much earlier stage in my life”.

“Yes, NOT having invested in speaking and communicating at a much earlier stage in my life”. Bill Gates

Speaking and Communicating is a great asset in any career or business. Whatever you do, however you do it, if you become good at it, the world will always make a demand on it. When that happens, you must be able to inspire them onto their own path!

Edge Consult is a training and consultancy firm that works in three main specialty areas, Corporates, Women and Youth programs. Since its inception in 2007, we have worked in over 20 countries and over 50 different nationalities across the globe. In regard to Facilitation, Speaking and Training of Trainers, we have been honored to assist more than 50 facilitators/Trainers to mainstream their communication abilities and eventually partner with us in their area of specialty.

Recently, we have had an overwhelming request from individuals to assist them in finding and mastering their communication abilities. It is in response to this that we have launched our EDGE PRESENTATION & COMMUNICATION SKILLS WORKSHOP. This program is exclusively executed for corporates/ Institutions but we are now bringing it to individuals.



Target Group: Sales People, Managers, Board Members, Politicians, Teachers, and Leaders.

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