How to Hold People Accountable

How to Hold People Accountable Accountability:  One of the issues I hear about regularly from people in leadership roles is “how do I hold people accountable for outcomes”.  This sound bite gives you an explanation for the two reasons people don’t do things and how to hold their feet to the fire to get [...]

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How to Set Expectations

How to Set Expectations Setting Expectations:  Before you, as a leader, can hold people accountable for outcomes, you have to let them know what success looks like and what you expect to see as a result of their efforts.  This sound bite gives insights into the reason for the need to set the bar [...]

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Achieving World Class Customer Satisfaction

Achieving World Class Customer Satisfaction Here’s a seven-step action plan to help you target your best clients, build a standout service operation and build a more profitable business.. In many businesses, repeat buyers provide up to 95% of a company’s revenues. The reason: Long-time clients know how to make hassle-free use of your [...]

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Customer Service Facts

Customer Service Facts 68% of customer defection takes place because customers feel poorly treated. (Source: TARP) It can cost five times more to buy new customers than retain existing ones. (Source: TARP) Reducing customer defections can boost profits by 25-85%. In 73% of cases, the organization made no attempt to persuade dissatisfied customers to [...]

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The Eight Engines of Teamwork

The Eight Engines of Teamwork There are quite a few methods currently in use to create high performing teams. All the way from outdoor experiences like ropes courses and climbing mountains to the classroom and on the job experiences. Some, obviously, work better than others for your situation. While many of these methods are enjoyable, they [...]

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Creating a Teaming Environment

Organizations seeking the collaborative spirit of teams without the structural upheavals should consider attacking their existing non-collaborative culture hammer and tongs. The way to create a collaborative atmosphere or “teaming environment” is neither mysterious nor expensive.  You begin by sending a simple but unmistakable signal through the organization: you stop rewarding destructive, competitive, one-up behaviors, [...]

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