Sales Negotiations Edge

Achieve Positive Outcomes with the Art of Negotiation

Whether it involves working through new opportunities with customers or internal partners, successful sales professionals recognize that the best things in life and in business are rarely free – but they can be negotiated. Doing so effectively requires a mastery of fundamental negotiation skills.

Our Sales Negotiations Edge program empowers sales professionals with the skills, best practices and behaviors they need to effectively negotiate with new and existing customers.

Ultimately, the goal is to increase margins at the highest level possible while still achieving a win-win solution for the customer. Negotiation skills workshop attendees will come away with the tools necessary to achieve this desired outcome.

Negotiation Skills Training Benefits & Outcomes

  • Recognize the distinct difference between selling and negotiating
  • Develop in-depth negotiation strategies and skills
  • Align the right approach to your sales situation
  • Strategize negotiation points and know when to introduce value-added offerings
  • Overcome obstacles in the negotiation
  • Create win-win outcomes

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