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Sales CoachingOften times sales managers get so caught up in the act of coaching salespeople that they don’t stop to think about how well they are performing their coaching efforts. In fact, according to a recent study, more than 25% of sales managers’ time is spent coaching their reps. Therefore, if a quarter of a sales manager’s time is spent coaching, it is critical to make sure they are doing it well.

Sales Coaching Edge program empowers sales managers with the skills, best practices and behaviors they need to effectively coach their sales team to achieve optimum results.

Completion of the Sales Coaching Edge program will shed new light on sales manager training, equipping managers with the skills, tools and comprehensive coaching model to guide their teams to maximum sales performance.

Sales Rep Coaching:  In this approach, our seasoned sales coaches work directly with your sales reps, either individually or as a group. Options include reviewing recordings of actual sales calls, ‘secret shopper’ interactions to identify where coaching opportunities exist, sales skill assessments, and more.

Sales Coaching Program Benefits & Outcomes

  • Learn to differentiate between behavior and personality
  • Focus on displayable behavior aspects that can be enhanced
  • Identify individual and group motivators
  • Create a framework to carry out dialogue over time
  • Provide sales managers with the skills necessary to achieve optimum team results

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