Sales Prospecting Edge

Dig deep to find the prospects you’ve been missing.

ProspectingJust because someone is a high-performing sales professional, it does not mean they have the skills, tools and attitude necessary to hunt for new business. Effective prospecting techniques require a unique skill set – one that goes beyond traditional sales interactions. The ability to create an awareness of needs is paramount and a critical skill used to convert suspects to prospects.

Our Sales Prospecting Edge program empowers sales professionals with the skills, best practices and behaviors they need to more effectively identify and engage prospective customers.

Sales leaders know that having a strong pipeline of qualified leads is essential to closing opportunities and consistently hitting revenue targets. Sales Prospecting Edge will show you how sales prospecting can be done most effectively.

Sales Prospecting Benefits & Outcomes

  • Identify your “perfect prospect” profile
  • Know the critical information to gather beforehand
  • Develop your “value message” to be most impactful
  • Open the interaction to secure initial sales meetings
  • Handle apathy in the prospecting process
  • Land more prospect appointments

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