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Reveal your true telephone selling potential.

Tele salesThere is a common misconception that telesales training is “basically the same” as face-to-face sales team training. While there are parallels, there are also considerable differences. Telephone selling is an art that requires a unique approach, and it’s one that more and more companies are utilizing as a cost-effective way to reach more people, more often.

Telephone Selling Edge programs empowers sales professionals with the skills, best practices and behaviors they need to have more effective over-the-phone dialogues, convert more sales opportunities and develop longer-lasting more profitable relationships with their customers.

With strong roots in sales environments, we understand the nuances of phone sales training and call centers better than anyone else in the marketplace. We have applied our resources and documented results across many industries.

Phone Sales Training Benefits & Outcomes

  • Understand what it means to be a successful telesales professional in today’s competitive marketplace
  • Be prepared for sales calls by gathering key information and setting strong objectives to determine what success looks like at the end of the phone call
  • Quickly create a warm connection with customers at the start of phone interactions by communicating what’s in it for them
  • Skillfully use a mix of questions and active listening to promote a robust discussion with customers and identify needs
  • Present the value behind solutions in a way that resonates with what is most important to the customer
  • Recognize opportunities over the phone to close and gain the confidence to ask for the business
  • Proactively work with customers to explore objections, thereby diffusing any emotions and restoring balance to the phone conversation

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