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Team bonding, team streamlining, production improvement, corporate functions or just plain fun.

We help you understand your current team situation, identify your goals and the contribution of team members to reach those goals. We tailor activities to meet the needs of both the team leader and team members within their specific work environment.

Benefits of Team Building

  • Increased team effectiveness and productivity.
  • Enhanced communication within the team.
  • A greater understanding of the impact team members have on each other.
  • Translating organizational goals into the team outcomes.
  • Understanding the role of leadership and how to direct and support a team.
  • Developing a culture of trust which is a key factor in determining team success.

In any organisation, varying team dynamics and issues exist. Team building is most effective when there is a plan in place and specific outcomes highlighted. Some common business issues that exist within Kenya businesses include:

  • Tribal barriers
  • Cultural barrier
  • Poor listening skills
  • Poor communication skills
  • Setting goals
  • Trust issues
  • Poor team morale
  • Work Pressure
  • Lack of ownership
  • Burn out

For any of the above corporate issue, there is a team building item that will assist.

With so many team building activities, both indoor and outdoor, there is a large range of structured interaction that businesses of all sizes and statures may use to improve their teams and overall business interactions.

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